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ApproachServicesProjectsClients photo of bomb squad 43 percent of businesses suffering a disaster never recover sufficiently to resume business. Of those that do reopen, only 29 percent are still operating two years later. David A. Shimberg, CBCP (Certified Business Continuity Planner in Disaster Recovery Journal, Summer 2007)
ROA Services

Hazards & Vulnerability Analyses & Loss Estimates
We will determine exposure to natural, technological, and human-induced hazards; evaluate causes and impacts of actual and potential emergencies and disasters; assess local, regional, and national vulnerabilities; and prepare damage scenarios and loss estimates. For sample projects click here.
Hazard Mitigation & Loss Prevention Planning
We can develop strategies and plans to minimize losses and impacts on structures, facilities, equipment, organizations, and communities; facilitate planning processes; define priorities, determine benefits and costs and economic feasibility; identify funding strategies; and prepare engineering designs. For sample projects click here.

Emergency Operations & Community Recovery Planning

Our teams analyze threats; prepare contingency plans and operating procedures; develop staff capabilities; prepare plans for managing recovery and reconstruction; identify opportunities for change presented by crisis events; organize, conduct, and evaluate training, tests, and exercises. For sample projects click here.
Fire Protection & Law Enforcement Management & Operations Analysis
We establish policies and standards; plan protection for new developments; analyze existing operations and costs; assess threats and define alternatives; perform reorganization and consolidation studies; identify community safety needs; address station location, water system, apparatus, staffing, dispatching and communications, training, and emergency medical and hazardous materials issues. For sample projects click here.

Policy, Program & Organizational Development
We facilitate decision-making; clarify goals and objectives; assess and design strategic planning processes; analyze current approaches and develop alternatives; recommend and advocate legislation, policies, and programs; support implementation actions; and help build constituencies. For sample projects click here.
Independent Review & Program Evaluation
Robert Olson Consulting provides independent third-party reviews; forms expert advisory panels to support decision-making; develops review methods and procedures; evaluates projects and programs; and recommends changes and support their implementation. For sample projects click here.
We define needs and project scopes; design and test methods; perform problem-focused or knowledge-advancing basic and applied research; and publish, disseminate, and present results. For sample projects click here.