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ApproachServicesProjectsClients photo of bomb squad "...responses to a sudden emergency were planned beforehand and had been thoroughly rehearsed both to get things done and to attenuate the panic that might come from indecision mixed with danger." Tom Clancy (The Sum of All Fears, p. 718)
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Illustrative Projects:

Robert Olson has been deeply involved in advancing knowledge by defining needs and project scopes, designing and testing methods, performing problem-focused or knowledge-advancing basic and applied research, and publishing, disseminating, and presenting results. Mr. Olson has held research positions at the Universities of California (Berkeley), Illinois, Stanford, Southern California and the California Institute of Technology.  He continues his affiliation with Florida International University’s Extreme Events Research Institute.

Some research projects have included serving on the National Research Council’s Committee on Disaster Research in the Social Sciences, reporting on California’s legislative processes associated with several earthquake safety laws, developing a long-range knowledge and technology transfer plan to support a multi-university consortium’s efforts to reach potential users, coauthoring a book about how Oakland, California dealt with the problems of damaged commercial buildings following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, designing software for evaluating the benefits and costs of strengthening earthquake hazardous buildings, reporting  on typical knowledge transfer models related to building design and construction processes, and designing a methodology for studying the impacts of an earthquake prediction on the insurance and construction sectors of the Peruvian economy.

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