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ApproachServicesProjectsClients photo of bomb squad "...responses to a sudden emergency were planned beforehand and had been thoroughly rehearsed both to get things done and to attenuate the panic that might come from indecision mixed with danger." Tom Clancy (The Sum of All Fears, p. 718)
ROA Approach

Illustrative Projects:
Policy, Program & Organizational Development

With a strong background in public policy, program design and organizational development, Mr. Olson has facilitated consensus building, decision-making, goals and objectives setting, and strategic planning processes. This has included analyzing current approaches and developing alternatives, recommending and advocating legislation, supporting implementation actions, and helping build constituencies.

Illustrative projects have included developing options for applying Federal seismic safety standards through financial aid and regulatory programs, examining policy questions related to what types of medical facilities should be governed by existing California law governing the design and construction of new hospitals, serving as one of the principal advisors on a Congressionally-required report on the earthquake risk posed by nearly 360,000 federally-owned buildings plus untold numbers of others in which the Federal Government has a direct financial interest, and preparing and advocating California’s legislation to compete for funds to create a national center for earthquake engineering research.

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