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ApproachServicesProjectsClients photo of bomb squad "...responses to a sudden emergency were planned beforehand and had been thoroughly rehearsed both to get things done and to attenuate the panic that might come from indecision mixed with danger." Tom Clancy (The Sum of All Fears, p. 718)
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Fire Protection & Law Enforcement Management & Operations Analysis

Mr. Olson’s project teams have addressed over 25 community fire protection and law enforcement services planning, financing, consolidation, governance, and reorganization projects.  Some examples included preparing a consolidation plan for two fire protection districts and unexpectedly  providing an Acting Fire Chief to address several contentious financial and personnel issues, including retirement benefits;  working with a small rural city and a fire protection district that resulted in recommendations about staffing, financing, equipment replacement, water supply improvements, and swift water rescue;  addressing police and fire protection services for short and long term needs, equipment, training, and facilities, including the design and construction of a new headquarters fire station; a complex fire protection services planning and financingproject involving a town, two fire districts, the county, and other nearby communities; and a police and security services impact study related to the construction of a major commercial development.

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