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ApproachServicesProjectsClients photo of bomb squad "...responses to a sudden emergency were planned beforehand and had been thoroughly rehearsed both to get things done and to attenuate the panic that might come from indecision mixed with danger." Tom Clancy (The Sum of All Fears, p. 718)
ROA Approach

Robert Olson Consulting was founded to help solve clients’ problems. The underlying philosophy continues to include establishing and maintaining a close relationship with the client throughout the consulting experience; applying the knowledge, experience, and wisdom through small teams of highly qualified experts; delivering materials and counsel that fully meets clients’ needs; and supporting clients’ efforts to implement the results. We pay particular attention to building clients’ capabilities to respond and operate successfully within unexpected and stressful conditions.

These values are best reflected in five Guiding Principles that have been applied and tested repeatedly:

  • Establish and maintain optimal working relationships with our clients’ decision-makers and staff, key external organizations and public agencies, community groups, and other stakeholders. Our experience is that a project that features the active and ongoing participation of the decision-makers and other involved parties ensures comprehensive analysis and facilitates the design and acceptance of realistic final results.
  • Collect accurate and comparable documentary and interview data while gaining a full understanding of our clients’ organization, needs, operating context, governing laws and regulations, culture, demographics, and other relevant factors that affect our clients’ abilities to deliver their products and services.
  • Use qualified and experienced personnel by forming customized teams of experts to help meet our clients’ needs. Our project teams, often performing as extensions of our clients’ staffs, always include highly experienced and well qualified individuals. The teams "hit the ground running" and do not have to use valuable overhead time "coming up to speed."
  • Provide realistic and workable results. Our efforts focus on the development of recommendations, reports, plans and other materials with the active involvement of those stakeholders who must adopt, implement, and live with the results. Our implementation recommendations recognize prevailing conditions and capabilities: What works in one organization or area may not in others.
  • Ensure that Robert Olson’s products meet all legal, policy, standards, specifications, and other governing or regulatory requirements or guidelines. Many of our projects are governed by such requirements. We are fully knowledgeable of existing (and sometimes pending) ones. Our teams use this information to craft both compliant and useful results.